What’s Your Pinterest???

What’s your Pinterest??  Home decorations, food or cocktail recipes, your fashion style, places you want to travel to???  Those are some of the inspirations you can pin onto your board on Pinterest.  This site is a great place to organize photos of interest and maintain in one location.  This invite only social photo sharing networking site is a way to share your interests with others and find that common link with others within and outside of your network.

The site has garnered up to 11.7MM users & growing and that says plenty for a site that just launched in March 2010.  The site was listed as Time Magazine’s “50 Best Web Sites of 2011” during the summer of 2011.  Some interesting points:

  • Usage – 2.2MM Daily; 12MM Monthly
  • Females account for 90% of users
  • Hot categories/themed boards for the site include home, arts & crafts, style/fashion and food
  • Food is the fastest growing category
  • Types of brands that have joined Pinterest: Kate Spade, Whole Foods, Food Network, HGTV, Mashable, West Elm, Home Depot & Martha Stewart

Users on Pinterest are expressing themselves through images and pictures that represent and are relevant to their lives; somewhat of self-identification and even a way to show how brands and products act as personal badges for them.  The images pinned on themed boards can inspire action or set aspirational goals.  Some participants use themed boards as a reminder or as a bookmarking feature for future purchases or actual purchases that they have made and they share it with the world as recommendations.  Users can also go to other user’s boards to explore and discover specific or random topics and ‘repin’ images to their boards.  It has been found that pins about products gain the most repins and the activity found on the site can be compared to targeted online searches or product research of sorts.

For marketers and brands, joining Pinterest can be an extension and a tool for an existing social media plan.   Brands can create boards that represent the brand’s lifestyle and tell a visual story about the brand.  Pinterest should be used as another avenue to appeal to your consumer and exhibit how your brand is like your consumers; share things you like, they like and things that may be helpful to them.  Following users on Pinterest can also be used to gain an informal, no cost focus group insight.  Additionally, consumers on the site are actually doing the work for a brand with online word of mouth.

Marketing/Brand Tips for using Pinterest:

  • Use Pinterest to build a visual story about your brand; offer added value to your consumers and show another side of your brand
  • Core values and lifestyle of the brand should shine through
  • Photography is key!! Pinterest is all about the imagery and if your imagery is sub par, consumers will not gravitate to your brand or brand lifestyle and re-pin
  • Add the Pinterest icon to all marketing communication (similar to what you currently do with FB and Twitter logos)
  • On Facebook, add a Pinterest tab…why not?
  • Integrate contests on Pinterests and other social networking sites to increase interest and engagement
  • Allow others to post pins to your brand profile…it is all about encouraging engagement with your brand
  • Collaborate with external pinners or create a board dedicated to external pinners (these users are usually brand adorers or evangelists)
  • Leverage the site for offline events and programming to keep consumers in tune to what is going on

Overall, Pinterest can be a great avenue to share your brand in a different context and to become more ‘human’ by sharing interests and engaging in an even more direct manner.  Check out my personal Pinterest page that I started recently… http://pinterest.com/ctalley03/

Just In: Updated terms of service was introduced on March 23rd and will become effective April 6th:

  • Copyright Infringement has now been streamlined with tools that assist in you reporting alleged copyright or trademark infringements; (the site has received plenty of negative response of users taking credit of images that are copyrighted).
  • Pins now prohibits anything that encourages self-abuse + self-harm.
  • Also, they have removed the word “sell” from their Terms of Services that stated that by posting content to the site, the user grants Pinterest the right to sell the content.
  • Lastly the site has deleted a ‘Pin Etiquette’ principle that enforces that users do not use Pinterest as a self promotion

Taste Test Thursday!

As a Spirits Brand Manager I peruse trade magazines, hit on and off premise accounts and there is always a funky new flavor that hits the shelf.  Today’s post is a review of a couple of new products that have hit my office over the past week.

Three Olives Loopy Flavored Vodka:

Just when you thought the flavored vodka craze couldn’t get any weirder or loopy, Three Olives has introduced ‘Loopy’.  As noted on their website, Loopy is a “A dastardly delicious medley of tropical fruit and imported English Vodka”.  This flavor is a replication of maybe one of my favorite childhood cereals, Froot Loops and is actually wildly delicious.

Aroma/Taste: The aroma found on this product is exactly what you would think, very fruity just like the cereal and the taste profile…tastes just like the cereal. I experienced instant flashbacks of when I was a child watching Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of Froot Loops.


How to Consume:  A majority of flavored vodkas, especially the fun, youthful & dessert flavors are consumed as shots.  However, I have heard that some consumers actually add milk to the vodka and top off the cocktail with Froot Loops cereal…interesting Below is a recipe from the Three Olives web site:

1 Part Three Olive Loopy Vodka
2 Parts Milk
Serve as a shot or over ice

ABV: This expression is at 35% ABV or 70 proof and very sweet, so if you are not a fan of sweet vodkas, this may not be the one for you.

If you want to reach back into your childhood and have an adult moment at the same time by taking a shot of this product, then this is definitely the product for you.  Three Olives has continued to introduce new flavors that have been innovative and buzz worthy and this particular flavor though loopy, it is fun, delicious and exciting.

Retail pricing: (750ml): $17.99 – $19.99

1800 Coconut Flavored Tequila:

During a meeting with a distributor, I learned that 1800 Tequila introduced a coconut flavor tequila.  This fun fact intrigued me because it’s not the first time a tequila brand has launched flavors (i.e. Jose Cuervo) but this particular flavor is a pretty hot flavor within the spirits landscape.  Different from other coconut flavored products, 1800 Tequila Coconut is infused with coconut water.

Aroma/Taste: The coconut flavored product has a very strong agave nose which was a bit off-putting (since I’m not a huge fan of tequila’s aroma). Furthermore, once I tasted the product,  it kicks off with a bitter taste but the sweet coconut flavor hits you and creates a favorable experience.

Packaging: The packaging is pretty awesome and if you didn’t know the top/cap to the bottle can also be used as a shot glass.

How to Consume:

Coconut Crusher

1 part 1800 Coconut Tequila
1 part Pineapple Juice

Combine ingredients in a shaker and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.

ABV: 35% or 70 proof

Retail Pricing: (750ml): $23.99

I would have to say this is a great product and has legs for success in cocktails or as a shot.

Overall, I would say both products are pretty tasty and have a place in both the on and off premise class of trades.  I would give both of these products an ‘A’ grade.

Tube Tuesdays

Commercials found in this installment of Tube Tuesdays are commercials I can’t get enough of.  Some of these commercials launched during the Super Bowl, however, they are truly hilarious.  You can’t deny the humor in some of these clips and I am sure the recall on these commercials are pretty high with consumers.

M&M’S – I’m Sexy And I know It  – I smile every time I see this commercial; the red M&M is my favorite and he is quite courageous for getting naked at a party!!! But of course he is sexy and he knows it.  (Sidebar: Pop Music duo LMFAO is really banking off commercial success, i.e. the Kia Commercial with the dancing hamsters).

Chevy – Happy Grad – This kid is truly stoked and thought his grad present was a new Chevy…oops!

GeicoRonald’s Karaoke Dating – I do love Karaoke, but not sure if this is how I would go about getting a date…

Doritios – Dead Cat Bribe –  I can’t say you can bribe me with Doritos to keep my mouth shut about a deceased cat the dog just killed (poor Fluffy), but this was one of my favorite consumer generated ads for Super Bowl XLVI 2012.

Geico – Rescue Panther – I’m all about home security, but it’s probably not the best way to get sleep with a panther hanging out on your dresser in your bedroom…


Direct TV has some interesting commercials of how your life can spiral down quickly to a sad situation. This TV campaign features examples of cause & effect at its best!  I can’t say I have been this upset about my cable but you know what, it can happen!

Direct TV:

Don’t get frustrated with your cable TV because you may end up with a grandson with a dog collar…weird but funny.

Paying too much for cable can cause Anger Issues which leads to taking in stray animals…oh boy!

Can’t find anything to watch on TV can cause you sell your hair to wig shop can it?

#Winning…not so much, don’t reenact scenes of Platoon with Charlie Sheen because you couldn’t find anything to watch on TV…

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